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QFS – Our Fruit & Vegetable suppliers

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QFS forms part of the Embeck Group Ltd, a family of companies dedicated to providing a range of food services to restaurants, nursing homes, NHS and schools throughout the North East. Established in 2002 primarily to supply fresh fruit, vegetables and salads, the company has now introduced many complimentary product groups, including bakery, cheese, dairy, charcuterie and recently expanding to include speciality provisions. In addition to this, a convenience line was added to the core product range by offering prepared products. Driven by our customers, we passionately strive to source local produce as well as the latest exciting ingredients from around the world.

At QFS, the objective is to always ensure consistency of quality, continuity of product and competitive pricing.

Mango Wines – Our Wine supplier

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Mango Wines was established in 2011 with a very simple philosophy, Quality and service.

I have been lucky enough to have spent many years in the wine trade and travelled to many of the worlds great wine making regions and meet some truly remarkable wine makers whose passions are infectious. Many of our suppliers are small boutique producers who make smaller quantities that are not widely available and it is my job to bring them to the table of places such as Cookfella’s, whose passion and dedication in what they do match that of the wines they offer.

Wines of such quality are what we all like drinking.

Angus Newhouse

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